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Is a Chemical Peel Right for Me?

Determine whether getting a chemical peel in Huntington and Hicksville, NY, could offer your skin the results you’ve been looking for. Many people can benefit from the results a chemical peel Read More

Regular Skin Checkups With Your Dermatologist

Scheduling regular checkups with your dermatologist is a simple step you can take toward achieving and maintaining healthier skin. Dermatologists treat various skin conditions, prevent skin problems, and help diminish Read More

Skincare Routine for Healthy Skin: Tips and Recommendations from Dermatologists

Taking care of your skin is extremely important. When you make the effort to care for your skin now, you avoid complications in the future. When you maintain a healthy Read More

Cosmetic Dermatology: Exploring Procedures for Aesthetic Enhancement

Cosmetic dermatology encompasses treatments to enhance appearance, addressing skin concerns beyond medical issues. These procedures, performed by experts like Dr. Daniel Sherer and Dr. Todd Coven at Long Island Medical Read More

Common Skin Conditions

Do you have a skin condition that causes unpleasant symptoms or affects your self-esteem? There's no need to suffer when treatments are available. Dr. Daniel Sherer and Dr. Todd Coven Read More

What To Expect During a Skin Evaluation

Any responsible dermatologist will want to perform a skin evaluation upon meeting with a new patient. It's a process where the doctor examines a patient's entire body for any skin Read More

When To See a Dermatologist for Your Acne

Acne is one of the most common conditions that people deal with and it can be frustrating to struggle with. Acne can make you self-conscious about how you look and Read More

Help for Recurring Hives

If you’ve ever had an allergic reaction before, there’s a good chance that you’ve dealt with hives. Hives are red welts that appear on the skin and are usually itchy Read More

The Benefits of Chemical Peels

How a chemical peel from your dermatologists in Huntington, Hicksville, Syosset, and Plainview, NY, can enhance the beauty of your skin Your skin is exposed to many irritants throughout your life. Read More

When To See a Dermatologist

When it comes to taking care of your skin, there are many issues that you may come across. It can be difficult to deal with these issues on your own Read More

Why Regular Visits With a Dermatologist Are Important

Find out why adding a dermatologist to your health care team could be great for your skincare health When was the last time you visited a dermatologist? If you haven’t Read More

What Are Warts And How We Can Help

Is it time to turn to a dermatologist about your warts? Warts are more common than you might think, and while you might want to blame a toad for this relatively Read More

The Benefits Of Seeing A Dermatologist

A dermatologist is whom you turn to when you need help when you are concerned about the appearance and health of your skin. Seeing a dermatologist regularly can be beneficial Read More

Help for Recurring Hives

Hives manifest as pinkish or red welts on our skin and can be itchy and sometimes painful. Our body responds to perceived threats by releasing a compound called histamine, but Read More

What Is Causing My Rash?

Long Island Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology can help when you have a rash. Anyone can get a rash, and an itchy patch of skin is no reason to panic. But Read More

The Benefits of Botox

Botox brings a lot of smiling faces. Just with a lot fewer wrinkles. For decades, Botox injections have been widely implemented to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. In fact, the American Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 49 posts


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