Before & After

Fractional CO2 Laser

Pigmentation Before CO2 Laser
Pigmentation One Month after CO2 Laser
Wrinkles Before CO2 Laser Wrinkles One Month after CO2 Laser

Vascular Laser
vascular before after laser
Before Treatment One Month After Treatment

Vitalize Peels
Case 1

Vitalize Peel Case 2

Vitalize Peel Case 3

Before the peel After 6 treatments
BOTOX Cosmetic
Before 7 Days After Treatment
Laser Hair Removal
Before 4 Months After Treatment
Before 5 Months After Treatment
Before After
Before After
Laser Pigment Removal
Before After 1 Treatment
Before After three 1 ML Syringes
Before After two 1 ML Syringes

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