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By Long Island Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology
February 16, 2021
Category: Dermatology
Tags: Acne  

TV commercials make acne treatment look easy—unfortunately, these advertised over-the-counter products don't work well for everyone. Accordingly, when your acne doesn't improve after using drugstore products, it's time to call Drs. Daniel Sherer and Todd Coven, your Syosset-area, NY, dermatologists at Long Island Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology in Huntington and Hicksville. Read on to learn how their expertise can clear up your skin!


What acne treatments do Syosset dermatologists offer?

Your treatment plan will depend on the condition of your skin and the severity of your acne but may include:

  • Topical Prescription Medications: Over-the-counter medications aren't always strong enough to clear up stubborn acne. If none of the products you've tried have helped, your dermatologist may prescribe tretinoin, tazarotene, adapalene, or a different type of medication that is applied directly to the skin. These topical medications clear blocked pores and speed skin cell turnover, which can reduce or prevent new acne lesions.

  • Antibiotics: Topical antibiotics may be added to your treatment plan if acne continues, despite using topical prescription medications. Combining topical medication and antibiotics may increase the effectiveness of the treatment. If topical antibiotics don't improve your skin, your skin doctor may suggest that you take oral antibiotics for a few months.

  • Isotretinoin: When other treatment methods don't help, your skin doctor may recommend isotretinoin. This oral medication is only prescribed to treat severe or cystic acne, and it requires careful monitoring. When you take it, you'll need frequent follow-up appointments to ensure that you don't experience side effects.

  • Oral Contraceptives: Hormonal changes can increase the production of sebum if you're a woman. The oily substance moisturizes your skin but can block pores if you create too much of it. Oral contraceptives decrease sebum production and may keep your skin clearer.


Need care? Give us a call

Do you need a little help with your acne? Schedule an appointment with Drs. Daniel Sherer and Todd Coven, your Syosset-area, NY, dermatologists, by dialing (631) 271-2769 for the Huntington office, or (516) 433-3200 for the Hicksville office.

By Long Island Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology
June 23, 2020
Category: Skin Care
Tags: Acne  

If you suffer from acne, don't despair. While this skin condition is frustrating and stubborn, your friends at Long Island Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology in Huntington and Hicksville NY can help. Dr. Daniel Sherer and Dr. Todd Coven provide the latest and most effective acne treatments for people of all ages. Talk to your Huntington dermatology team to learn more.

What is acne?

It's a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that impacts about 50 million Americans, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). Most are teens, but adults get acne, too.

And, it's all too familiar, isn't it? You may have blackheads, whiteheads, or red pustules or papules on your face, chest, neck, and shoulders. They result from plugged oil ducts or sebaceous glands associated with your hair follicles. Continued flare-ups and inflammation may lead to changes in skin pigmentation and texture and even produce scarring. It's why you should schedule an appointment with your Huntington dermatology team if you suspect you have an acne problem.

What causes acne?

Acne runs in families, reports MedicalNewsToday. Linked to flare-ups are these factors:

  • Age (more frequently, it happens to teens)
  • Diet (fatty foods)
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Hormonal fluctuations in puberty and menopause
  • Poor skin hygiene
  • Sweating after exercising

Squeezing or popping acne lesions worsens them, increasing redness and soreness and even leading to infection and scarring.

What you can do about your acne?

See Dr. Sherer or Dr. Coven at Long Island Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology in Huntington and Hicksville NY. He'll examine your areas of break out and determine a proper care plan, including many of these interventions:

  • Twice daily, gentle washing with an approved acne wash
  • Keeping your hands off your face as much as possible
  • Application of salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to dry lesions and kill bacteria
  • Oral contraceptives to limit hormonal influences
  • Antibiotic therapy to quell the infection
  • Isotretinoin is taken orally for very severe cystic acne
  • Avoiding tight hats or other clothing which rubs against the skin
  • Cleaning your glasses every day
  • Avoiding the sun
  • Showering after sweating a lot

Additionally, check-in with your Huntington dermatology team to track how effective your treatment plan is. They can adjust various components to arrive at your optimal results.

Get the clearer skin you want

If acne is troubling you and your skin, contact Long Island Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology. Dr. Daniel Sherer, Dr. Todd Coven, and their team know acne, and they can help. We have a location in Huntington, NY (631) 271-2769 and one in Hicksville (516) 433-3200.

By Long Island Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology
February 03, 2016
Category: Dermatology
Tags: Acne  

Discover the best tips for how to reduce your acne.

Nothing ruins your day quite like waking up with acne. Whether you are a teenager or full-grown adult, acne is a problem that plagues Acnemany. While the battle to find the effective treatment for your acne can feel challenging, your Huntington, Hicksville, Syosset and Plainview, NY dermatologist Dr. Daniel Sherer is here to make it a bit easier. Here are some tips on how to reduce breakouts.

1. Be gentle with your skin

Once a pimple appears, no amount of scrubbing or vigorous washing is going to help. In fact, all it will do is dry out your skin and cause a more inflamed pimple. When dealing with acne always wash and dry your skin gently.

2. Wash your face every day

One surefire way to reduce breakouts is by making sure you wash your face once or twice a day to remove any excess oil from your skin. Opt for milder cleansers that will remove makeup, dirt and bacteria without stripping your skin of some of essential oils. If you are unsure about which type of cleanser is right for your skin type, talk to your skin doctors in Huntington, Hicksville, Syosset and Plainview.

3. Don’t pick at your skin

Another good piece of advice is to keep your hands, hair and just about anything away from your face. When acne does form, try to resist the urge to pop it, which can cause scarring and other issues. If you really want to have your pimple removed, we can perform a proper extraction right here in our office.

4. Moisturize your skin

It might sound counterproductive to use a moisturizer every day when acne is caused by excess oil, but even oily skin can get dry from time to time. Using a non-comedogenic moisturizer can help prevent both whiteheads and blackheads from forming.

5. Reduce sugar consumption

Try to limit the amount of sugar you have. This may take some label reading and conscious effort, but it will be well worth it. Why is sugar so bad for your skin? It supercharges your hormones and adrenal glands. By only consuming sugar once a week you can improve the look of your skin.

It can take some trial and error to figure out the best way to treat your acne and your Huntington, Hicksville, Syosset and Plainview NY dermatologist Dr. Sherer at Long Island Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology is here to help. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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